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Another Weather Post — Jeez, When Will She Quit!

Okay, yes, another weather post because I’m obsessed. Have you read my author bio lately (which I specially adapted for 2016’s release of Beyond the Precipice)? “EB does not like cold weather but has a fascination with it… E likes … Continue reading

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Our Squirrel: Sporadic Poetry

“Our squirrel” is the little guy that lives in the trees right outside our window. In the fall, he had a particular routine you could almost set your watch by as he fervently collected pine cones for his winter food. … Continue reading

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How “The Walking Dead” Saved Me

Let’s see if I have the guts to throw this out there. I enjoy psychological thrillers, but I’ve never been a fan of blatant gore, and I’m especially not a person to jump on the bandwagon of whatever’s popular. So … Continue reading

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