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Improve Your Writing Skills

Originally posted on Writer to Writer:
Since I just finished my sixth semester at college, today, and have one more year until I graduate, I’m in quite a celebratory mood so I decided to make this post as helpful as…

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Pt. 4A: Science Readiness — for Parents

I am astounded by the number of upper elementary and even junior high kids who are taught scientific concepts and reactions without seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and generally observing the physical materials or doing the experiments. This can happen in … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Readers From Asking, “Why Didn’t They Just…?”

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Stephanie O’Brien My siblings and I have sometimes joked that we could take over several fictional universes with the power of “Why didn’t they just…?” When characters fail to use an…

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