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13 Week Rewrite: Week Seven – Temptation

Originally posted on MDellert-dot-Com:
This week, you’re rewriting up to the midpoint of your story. At this point, your protagonist experiences a temptation to retreat back to the familiar rather than going forward into the unknown. This temptation is a…

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I Watched As Filters Messed Up My Story

Originally posted on Dan Alatorre:
Yeah, we’ve all done it. You’re writing a story and the words are flowing and when you look up… it’s full of filters. What? What are filters? Glad you asked. . Using my unreleased manuscript…

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When Characters Become Sentient

Good characterization creates sentient beings who start to have minds of their own. It’s good for the author to listen, for they may have ideas that actually make the story better, as long as these ideas work with the whole. … Continue reading

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Three Important Steps To The Writing Process

Originally posted on Allison Maruska:
I visited a rather unique place last weekend. It’s a temporary exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, and seeing as my family and I 1. Love Star Wars, and 2. mostly haven’t been to the…

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Lessons I Learned with My First Book

Finishing a first book is like ramming an icebreaker ship through unforgiving ice. Or making a path through three feet of snow. Or knowing the direction to travel through the woods but spending most of the hike looking for the … Continue reading

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Rewriting: An Overview of the Process

Originally posted on MDellert-dot-Com:
“It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly.” — C. J. Cherryh The goal of the rewrite is simple, but not easy. You want your story to live. To accomplish this, it’s…

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Creative Writing: Don’t Say “Edit” When You Mean “Censor”

Snippets of an Author’s Life: Post 9 As a writer who frequently reads about the process of writing, I often hear: don’t edit during your initial draft. This well-intentioned advice comes in forms such as “Turn off your inner editor,” … Continue reading

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First You Have to Write Many, Many Words

Snippets of an Author’s Life: Post 4 In May of this year, Copyblogger released an article entitled One Skill that Will Take Your Writing from Good to Great. The key message taken away from the described writing course was “Not … Continue reading

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Master Proofread

Originally posted on Write Through It:
I just finished a master proofread, and boy, was it a doozy. The master proofreader reads proof against copy, line for line, word for word, character for character. It requires intense focus. This is…

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Is My Manuscript Ready for Publication? Steps After Professional Editing

Liz Dexter beautifully explains what authors can expect once their manuscript has been professionally edited. Reblogged from the original article, “On completion of your edit, will my manuscript be ready for publication?”   Originally posted as On completion of your … Continue reading

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