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Making the Jump from Book One to Book Two

Writing the first book was anything but a streamlined process. To recap, Lessons I Learned with My First Book. Writing the first book was a lot like this Writing the second book was more like this Notes Horse videos were … Continue reading

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In Revolt: Handling Writer’s Burnout

I’m not talking about a lost muse. It’s not writer’s block. It’s writer’s burnout. And it’s fear. You destroyed your body with the last novel, after all. You may want to run headlong into your next project: You dive for … Continue reading

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Music as a Barometer of Your Well-Being

How music benefits the brain, general health, and well-being is becoming widely known. Music as therapy is often written about—but how about music as a barometer of the state of your health? A barometer is an instrument used to measure … Continue reading

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