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A Story Is Driven By Characters, Not Plot

A story is driven by characters, not plot. I agree. Many writers and literary experts agree. I’m not so sure it’s always reflected in book popularity, sales, and reviews, though. What do you think? Let me know in the comments. … Continue reading

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The Box

Originally posted on Object Relations:
? I swallowed a secret a million years before numbers, so that nothing could be held accountable. Scrolled up, jotted down, and shoved to the back of a bottle, the message was almost drowned. Let…

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Thinking Fiction: What Novels Do Fiction Editors Read?

Originally posted on An American Editor:
by Carolyn Haley In follow-up to my survey about what editors in general read for recreation (What Do Editors Read?, I invited fiction editors to share their Top 10 favorite novels, along with something…

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Originally posted on Iain Kelly:
Gabi drove them to Frogner Park. They arrived at 11.30. The first buds of spring were showing, colours beginning to emerge among the green grass and leaves. Parking the squad car at the entrance they…

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I Is for Italics

Originally posted on Write Through It:
After reading “E Is for Ellipsis,” my friend the mystery writer Cynthia Riggs emailed me. “I can hardly wait until u get to I,” she wrote. “I, I hope, will stand for ‘italics.’” This sentence…

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Inciting Moment: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Andrea Lundgren Recently, I was explaining the concept of an inciting moment to my five-year-old (he’s a bit young, but one might as well start early, right?), and it got me…

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Wrapping Up the A to Z Challenge — Did You Survive? | #AtoZChallenge

Today the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for April 2017 wrapped up with the final post: Letter Z. Links to each letter of the alphabet, comments, and blogs who took part in the Challenge can be found here. If … Continue reading

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Z is for Zoomorphism | #AtoZChallenge

Zoomorphism Zoomorphism is the device of giving animal-like qualities to humans, gods, and inanimate objects. It can include giving the features of one animal to another. Therianthropy is a special class of zoomorphism where a human is able to shape-shift … Continue reading

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R is for Round Robin & Red Herring, Reversal & Recognition | #AtoZChallenge

Round-robin story Round robin is a type of storytelling that involves a number of authors each writing a chapter or part of the novel in rounds. These novels were invented in the 19th century, and later were often used in … Continue reading

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Q is for Quite the Quest | #AtoZChallenge

A quest is a heroic journey–often a dangerous mission–undertaken by a protagonist in order to achieve a goal or complete an important task. The term comes from the medieval Latin questa, meaning “search” or “journey.” Quests are the foremost element … Continue reading

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