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The Awesomeness of Teens: 10 Tips for Parents

As a parent of teens and previous teens, the most useful idea I can pass on is view life through their eyes! Of course, that should be standard when dealing with a child of any age, or any person, but … Continue reading

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Losing Your Mind? Your Memory Loss May Not Be Age

Don’t blame it on age. You could be losing your memory because too much is going on at once. Multi-tasking, interruptions, and a crazy life–especially chronically crazy–robs you of the chance to process information and move it into long-term storage … Continue reading

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14 Tips to Inspire Your Writing

Writers, where do you get your inspiration? Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? For a writer at heart, especially a fiction writer, everything—absolutely everything—is fodder, or raw material that can be shaped into a story. This can apply to … Continue reading

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