Haiku Collection


Wherever I turn,
His form arrests my purpose–
Always the same face.

April 1, 2017, found in A is for Antagonist
(Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2017)

Winter I.

White panther stirs fear,
Snowy jaws open to kill:
Winter slinks nearer.

October 24, 2017

Winter II.

Backlit snowflakes fall,
Floating glitter in sunlight–
Diamonds from Heaven.

November 5/7, 2017

Haiku Sets: Let the Holiday Season Begin!

~Preparations at the North Pole~
~Closer to Home~

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Resting by the fire,
Christmas tree up, lights twinkling.
Warmed by hearts of friends.

December 9. 2017

Christmas Memories

Christmas is about
The memories made today
To warm tomorrow.

Strength from memories
When their sources have passed on,
But essence remains.

The dead live in us,
Alive when we remember
The life of before.

December 25/26, 2017


Vortex of leaves spins
Season’s final offering:
Hazy autumn days.

October 24, 2017



Deep orange lanterns,
Shrinking candles marking time,
Black claws tear at life.


Lanterns in the night
Unveiling truth in shadows;
Floating souls of light.


Long-deserted lanes,
Dead souls move when life is still.
Living sleep. Dead walk.

October 31, 2017

Spooky and Night — Haiku

spooky was the night,
masked people and behavior,
spooky was the day.

by Prakash Hagade on Its PH, The daily reads and writes
October 31, 2017


The colour is blue;
It reminds me of someone
I met and forgot.

Early 1980s

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario, Sept. 2017

Haiku Set: Flatline

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Image: Dreamstime

Two Faces of Grief


They see her smiling,
Performing the tasks of day
As if without care.


Demons in the dark;
Spectres stabbing at her heart–
Not for them to see.

October 19, 2017, found in Haiku: Two Faces of Grief



Diamonds in her eyes,
Lake ripples or stars; the tears
For loved ones now lost.


Cardinals, finches,
Woodpeckers, sparrows, and jays–
Friends to the lonely.


Lake breezes singing–
Spirits of children at play
When life was still whole.

October 23, 2017

Edmonton, Alberta, Sept. 2017


Sun shone with Mother.
Now that she is not with us,
The sun shines no more.

January 7, 2018

Image: Dreamstime

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