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Prologues and Epilogues – Is There a Point to Them?

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Helena Fairfax Prologue and Epilogue. Do they have a use? Should they be used? Can you have one without the other? First of all, the Prologue. Oh, the dreaded question of…

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Finished The Book, Now Begins The Rest Of The Adventure

Originally posted on Building A Healthy Lifestyle:
A story I’ve been working on for the last 5 years now came to a close last week. I finished it. I wrote it all down, got all the characters straight, got the…

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Can’t Decide on Traditional vs. Self-Publishing? There’s a Third Option

Can’t decide on a publishing method for your recently completed manuscript? I’m constantly reading about authors who are weighing the pros and cons of traditional versus self-publishing and their respective limitations. There’s good news. You need not be confined to … Continue reading

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Criticism versus Reviews

Originally posted on Have We Had Help?:
What any writer dreads the most are attacks by members of the public, often with an axe to grind… In days gone by every writer knew that the only individuals who offered opinions…

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Self-Publishing: Five Time-Saving Tools

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
  ? by Hope Ann A writer’s life is filled with so much more than the mere creating of stories. There is editing and proofreading. Marketing and newsletters. Blogging and graphics. We can…

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On Using Memes to Market Books

Originally posted on Writing Is Hard Work:
For self-published authors, one of the most difficult hurdles is marketing that new book.  Most of us use the go-to of the Kindle freebie or the .99 cent mark down, and using one…

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Powerful Book Trailer for Beyond the Precipice

Check out the new book trailer created by Dana Wayne for BEYOND THE PRECIPICE. Text by Dana Wayne and Eva Blaskovic. Dana Wayne’s YouTube Channel: Dana’s Divas (view her other work). Read more about BEYOND THE PRECIPICE.

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Your Book is Done — Now What? by Dana Wayne

Your Book is Done – Now What? by Dana Wayne “A sharp clip-clop of iron-shod hoofs deadened and died away, and clouds of yellow dust drifted from under the cottonwoods and over the sage.” Thus reads the opening passage of … Continue reading

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DRUYAN Fantasy Adventure Novel — Cover Preview and Time-Lapse

I’m super excited. This week, I received my new book cover artwork for my upcoming fantasy adventure novel, DRUYAN. This is what the cover looks like. DRUYAN will be launched at the Words in the Park Book Fair & Sale … Continue reading

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I’m Writing, So Here’s My Upcoming Blog Schedule

I’m writing and revising for a fall deadline, so my blog post schedule is adjusting to accommodate my two projects. I’m also back at work, and mine is a pretty intense job. Tomorrow, I’m reblogging Dan Alatorre’s post about the … Continue reading

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