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Road Trip: Back from Southern Alberta

It’s probably the last hot weekend of the season, was my thought. Can’t waste it. So Saturday afternoon and Sunday were spent with my brother in southern Alberta. I told him when I got there I needed steak. I’m getting … Continue reading

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Fair Skies, Dark Skies

The following slide show is a compilation of photographs taken in Alberta from May to July, 2017. The focus is on sky conditions, with daytime moon interesting cloud formations stormy skies and lightning rainbow smoky skies deep blue fireworks summer … Continue reading

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Birds of Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek, Alberta, Canada is where our writers’ retreat was held in May. Post #1, Writers’ Retreat 2017: Strawberry Creek Lodge, consisted of photographs taken inside and outside the lodge. This is post #2, a slide show of the birds … Continue reading

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Canada’s 150th Anniversary — A Special July 1st

Happy 150th birthday to Canada! In honour of this special day, I have compiled some Canadian posts and experiences. Full circle. The crazy thing about this first story is we left Edmonton, Alberta, heading west on the Yellowhead Highway (Hwy … Continue reading

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June 2017 Roundup: Outdoors, Travel, and Photography

While I am away from my blog this week, I have selected and scheduled articles from several categories. A different theme or themes will post each day. Today’s roundup themes are outdoors/travel and photo posts. Outdoors/travel Another Road Trip in … Continue reading

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Writing Hub – Books, Writing, Tips & More…

Originally posted on Mandy Eve-Barnett's Official Blog:
Writing: My escape on a writing retreat from 18th – 22nd May was absolutely fabulous. Surrounded by fresh spring greenery, bird song, blue skies, fellow writers and delicious food (cooked for us!)…

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Writers’ Retreat 2017: Strawberry Creek Lodge

I have returned from Strawberry Creek Writers’ Retreat and, as promised, I’m posting some photographs. This is post #1: the lodge, the woods, and the creek. Click this link to view my Facebook album from the retreat. The link can … Continue reading

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Spring Is Not Available in Your Area — But It’s Happening Somewhere! | #AtoZChallenge

Spring isn’t available in Alberta. We’ll have to try later. Fickle spring Most of April has felt like early March. It’s April 23rd, and once again we wake up to several inches of snow on the ground and a wind … Continue reading

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St. Patrick Day River Hike in Northern Ontario

Originally posted on True North Nomad:
Someone once asked me where “my people” were from.  I quickly turned around to check and see if a crowd of folks had taken up behind me.  No one was within 10 feet of…

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Well, This Isn’t Exactly Seasonal Either

It was only last week I was posting about our brutal temperatures of -30°C/-22°F across Alberta with wind chills into the -38 to -45°C (-36 to -49°F) range. Last week On February 7, Edmontonians persevered through a temperature of -28°C/-18°F … Continue reading

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