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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

“Wake up and smell the coffee” was my first thought this morning. The enchantment of dark, fresh-ground coffee beans percolated through to my conscious mind. Enticed, I rose eagerly to make my strong latte instead of hitting the snooze button. When … Continue reading

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Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Originally posted on Its PH:
Its April of 2017 and Day 23 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Idiom a day and 8 line poem for the idiom. Idiom: Walk a Mile in my Shoes Meaning: understanding someone before…

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Out of Reach

Originally posted on Meg Sorick, Writer :
I idly sit and watch from my throne of inertia While the bridges I so carefully built Are thoroughly and systematically destroyed And with them, the pathways are forever cut off, Leaving one side…

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“The Cold Was Just Sitting in Floating Blankets of Pure Brrr”

This is somewhat of a weird post. It may seem random, as I’m interconnecting my obsession with weather, brutal cold, photographs, and writing. However, if you happened to have read Wrapping Up a Successful 2016 (year in review) or A … Continue reading

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A Little Sunday Humour with Clips of Conversation

You might be a little tired and bleary-eyed if you forgot to account for Daylight Saving Time, the loss of a full hour of sleep as the clocks sprang forward overnight (Geek Strikes Again As Daylight Returns). So here is … Continue reading

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I’m Curious: In What Format Do You Read the Blogs You Follow?

How do you read the blogs you follow? Do you predominantly view them on a full computer screen? Or do you mostly use your smart phone? I’m curious because I’d like to know what kind of display format people are … Continue reading

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Another Weather Post — Jeez, When Will She Quit!

Okay, yes, another weather post because I’m obsessed. Have you read my author bio lately (which I specially adapted for 2016’s release of Beyond the Precipice)? “EB does not like cold weather but has a fascination with it… E likes … Continue reading

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Our Squirrel: Sporadic Poetry

“Our squirrel” is the little guy that lives in the trees right outside our window. In the fall, he had a particular routine you could almost set your watch by as he fervently collected pine cones for his winter food. … Continue reading

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No Words Needed

+10°C = +50°F -14°C = +7°F -24°C = -11°F (wind chill)

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Geek Strikes Again As Daylight Returns

Welcome, and happy Monday. For any new readers and followers, I have to warn you: I am a geek. I like math, physics, and especially weather and seasonal data. It is a good day because we are almost at the … Continue reading

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