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Focus on Health: 10 Steps to Wellness

In the article “10 Steps to Wellness,” Cathy Wong discusses some steps you can take to improve health and well-being. 10 Steps to Wellness By Cathy Wong, ND, on VeryWell Image from

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Boxing Day Duck Soup

One of the healthiest and most economical things a person can do is to boil the bones of a bird–in our case, delectable duck–and make soup. Yesterday’s roast duck became soup broth today. Any good meat was picked off, the … Continue reading

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Our Day At Artists 4 Altruism Event

We had a fun day at Artists 4 Altruism yesterday. A huge thank you to Alison Neuman for all the work she did to make this event happen. Hover cursor over pictures to see names and details. ARTISTS 4 ALTRUISM … Continue reading

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Music Therapy 2

Music, as most of us know, has a multitude of benefits. Teenagers seem to need it for their very existence (and no wonder). Many of us use it as a de-stressor and coping mechanism. In Music Therapy 1, I called … Continue reading

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Finally: A Stress Relief Article That Makes Sense

On the heels of Music Therapy 1, here is a post by Elizabeth Scott, MS, on Very Well that I recently discovered: Stress Relief For Tired People Too Tired To Exercise? Try These Stress Relievers First! In the above article … Continue reading

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Music Therapy 1

Music therapy, as defined by yours truly: Music that, by individual taste and selection, is good for the mind, heart, and soul, restoring balance to thoughts, body systems, attitude, and outlook. Music regenerates the mind and body, contributes to creativity, … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, Leslie Hodgins!

Today on Where Are They Now? we welcome back Leslie Hodgins, entrepreneur, mobile registered massage therapist (RMT), certified fitness coach, and soon-to-be published author. Interview with Leslie Hodgins I’ve always loved to write. And recently it’s become an obsession. I … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Is Your Caregiving Cup Half Full or Half Empty? by Rick Lauber

Is Your Caregiving Cup Half Full or Half Empty? by: Rick Lauber, Author Caregiver’s Guide for Canadians and The Successful Caregiver’s Guide As I slide into my office chair to settle in to write, my morning’s cup of coffee rests … Continue reading

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June 2017 Roundup: Health, Cooking, and Gardening

While I am away from my blog this week, I have selected and scheduled articles from several categories. A different theme will post each day. Today’s roundup themes are health and cooking/gardening. Health Do You Have Anemia? Surprising Signs and … Continue reading

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Nothing Beats Pure Carrot Juice

Nothing beats pure, fresh, carrot juice from organic carrots. Maybe only well-prepared steak or amazing Greek salad come close. The juicer I have an old juicer from the early 1990s–a gift. It’s powerful, compact, and simple. The simpler the design, … Continue reading

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