Reader Response

“It’s one of those books where each person will find something that will hit them hard.”–Paula

“Propels you to keep reading.”–Michael Hope, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

What readers say about BEYOND THE PRECIPICE, a realistic, psychological suspense novel about inner conflict, owning up to your past, and being true to yourself:

Not all prisons have bars.

Can Bret Killeen, a gifted musician, conquer grief, abuse, and rejection in order to seize his passion, love, and a future?

Literary Interpretive Fiction
Psychological Suspense

An Edmonton-area/University of Alberta novel




“It hits close to home.”–Anna

“Great read. Kept me up all night to finish!!–Leslie M.

“The writing is outstanding. The author clearly has an ‘ear’ for words … Precipice is a suspenseful and wonderful read.”–B&N reader review

I grieved for Bret as he experienced the struggles and challenges in his life.”–Donna C.

“I am fascinated with your writing. Your story is a 5 star story.”–Frank R.

In the book world, your book will rate high Canadian!”–Linda J. Pedley, Publisher, Canada 150 Community Leader for the 150th anniversary of Confederation

“I don’t normally read fiction, but I couldn’t put this down. I’m going to read it again.”–Daryl

“It was hard to put down.”–Udo

“I found the book’s characters nicely fleshed out and you made me care about them. It had very positive messages … It was uplifting.”–Martina

“It is a great book … one I enjoyed reading. I am so time starved that if a book does not engage me, I simply put it down and don’t complete it. I finished the book in about two sittings, which I might add bit into sleep. I am not surprised that others would love it.”–Kathryn

Began reading Precipice last night — stunning and beautiful writing!”–Mandy

“Your opening scene captured my imagination. You have an easy flowing, lyrical style.  Thanks for the wonderful read!”–Richard

“I read the first chapter of your novel and your writing is outstanding.”–Frank R.

“It pulled me in and did not let go. I grieved for Bret as he experienced the struggles and challenges in his life. This is a powerful story that many teens and adults will relate to, and should read. This author has a lovely way of sharing a story.–Donna C.

“It’s intense. The suspense is incredible.”–40-something female reader

“I really, really enjoyed this book. It kept me to want to read more right to the end. It is not very often you get to read a book like this. When are you writing another?”–Irene

“The only person who could have written the music descriptions is someone who either has that amount of music background, or has an innate sense for it.”–Daryl, musician, conductor, music teacher

Beyond the Precipice is an outstanding work of suspense! The musicality of the words and the musical aspect of the story will capture your attention to the very end.”–Amazon reader review

“Beautiful writing that flows smoothly like music. The characters and places are vivid and real.”–Ondina

“I can’t wait for the second edition. I love this story!”–Nita

I can’t stop reading Beyond the Precipice! … For example, “The battered vehicle’s door was ajar, the glass smashed in. The middle-aged man’s head was at an impossible angle … The man’s eyes were open, blinking a speechless plea—” Mary 

Beyond the Precipice really grabbed my attention and reminded me of being a student. I found myself thinking back to interactions between the characters the way I think about things that happened to me during the day, which is rare for me when I am reading. I also found your writing very evocative.”–Caroline

“I like it because it’s relevant. It’s a story I can relate to and learn from.”–Emma, Advanced English grade 10 student (AP)

“Are you sure this isn’t about me?”–40-something male reader

“I really had a hard time getting sleep because I couldn’t put the book down, and I await the next one. Your book is truly good reading.”–Darlene

“I didn’t put it down till I finished it.”–Nita

“I’m interested in anything you write.”–Richard W.

“I’m really choosy about what I read, but the writing in Beyond the Precipice is excellent. I had to keep reading because I knew something was up with Bret. The hints were there since the beginning. I had to find out. It gets more intense as you go.”–Loretta

“It’s an amazing book! I love when that happens!”–Patty

“Parts of it made me cry.”–Terra

“Just finished reading BTP. Totally awesome! It was hard to put down. Can hardly wait for book #2. BRAVO!!”–Mel

Book 2 info: Beyond the Music

“Well, I brought Beyond the Precipice in to work because I piqued a woman’s interest on Friday. Within 2 minutes, I had 10 people asking about it, and about you …”–Paula

“My father (an engineer) didn’t want to read it but I convinced him. Now he wants to meet you.”–Mary D.

“This is a great novel, written by a gifted novelist!”–Joey

“Received your book today. Front cover is even more engaging in hand than the pictures show. Read first paragraph. Love the flow of the language. Look forward to reading it. Hope to see many more novels from you.”–Mary P.

“Hurry up and write the next book. I want to read it!”–Charis, age 13

“I think I’m gonna fall in love with Bret.”–Terra, age 16

“I just finished your book and I absolutely loved it! It left me wanting more! I thought it was very well written. I felt like I was there with the characters the whole time, so you did a very fabulous job at painting the scenes … I loved the names you chose for all the characters.”–Sarah, age 16

“I really like the short chapters. It gives you more of a chance to absorb what happened.”–Michael, age 14

“It was cool reading a book with a setting I knew so well.”–Sarah

“I like the [end] notes. They’re especially good for people who live in other parts of the world.”–Joey

“My husband took the book and won’t let me have it back until he’s done reading it.”–Pat

“I stole the book from my dad.”–Charis

“I am on chapter 14. Couldn’t put the book down on the weekend!!!”–Diane

“I’ve just started the book and I love it already. Check it out!”–Frank G.

“I read your book and was really impressed. The reviews are certainly flattering.”–Leslie M.

“Wanted to let you know I’m about half-way through Beyond the Precipice. Your opening scene with Bret and Nicole, cello and violin, captured my imagination. You have an easy flowing, lyrical style. Love your descriptions of nature, especially autumn. Your training in science shows. Are you a musician as well? Bret comes across as a savant. Thanks for the wonderful read!”–Richard

Beyond the Precipice takes some time to absorb. It’s one of those books where each person who reads it will find something in there that will hit them hard, and because of that, it will take them longer [to read] because they want to see to the way it affected them before they continue to read, so that they can still connect to the book without being emotionally overwhelmed.”–Paula

Set in Edmonton, Beyond the Precipice is where you can feel right in the story especially if you’ve grown up in Edmonton. Born and raised here, it rings true to me, and coming of age, seeking higher education, and family expectations are familiar memories. Everyone needs to get their copy!!!”–Linda

Professional Acclaim for Beyond the Precipice

On Druyan (fantasy adventure novel, launching in the future.)

“Ever since I finished THE HOBBIT, I haven’t been able to find a book that can compare, and DRUYAN is definitely filling that hole.”–Paula

On short fiction

Mother's Gift Photo belongs to Angie's DIARY website

Photo courtesy Angie’s Diary E-magazine

“You take my breath away with your craftsmanship. Very well done!!”–Patty (on short story Mother’s Gift)


“Waitin’. Like the rest of us.” The Waiting Room

Custom Artwork by Allison Paige

Custom Artwork by Allison Paige

“I loved both stories! Outstanding job! I tweeted both of them. You are a great scifi writer. Man, writing super short takes special skills.”–Frank R. (on short stories The Waiting Room and For All Time)


“Eva Blaskovic is a wonderful author. Now she is stepping it up and writing plays! Futuristic, fantasy, scifi. Whatever you call it, it’s very original and fresh!”–Patty (on Hearts On Fire: A Play)

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