Topics of Study

Bret Killeen’s conscience is not clear after a mountain accident. As he stands on the precipice of his own life, his only choice is to confront his past–and himself.

Interpretive novel

Beyond the Precipice, a title both physical and metaphorical, explores

  • FallingFromPrecipice-dreamstime_xs_19825505the psychology of grief
  • the psychology of abuse
  • coming of age

and the social, family, and personal issues of

  • poverty
  • conditional versus unconditional love
  • parental disapproval
  • rejection
  • spousal oppression
  • abuse by a relative (physical and sexual)
  • responsibility
  • being true to oneself
  • standing up for one’s rights and beliefs
  • surrogate parenthood
  • the power of outside help (emotional, financial)
  • access to education

Also see Discussion Questions for readers, book clubs, and English students.

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