Back Story

How did Beyond the Precipice come about?

I realized that I could use emotion as the starting point for plot generation and character motive. I understood regret, grief, judgment, anger, indecision, compassion, and parental devotion from my own experiences as well as from other people’s stories of death, war, disappointment, and relationship breakdown on spousal and parent-child levels. I realized I could see into people, feel their emotions, observe their reactions. Lifelong interest in the human psyche, social and family structure, values, and equality or lack thereof (e.g. who has access to education), surfaced to write this story.

I have been exposed to strong people and their coping mechanisms, and I have been a recipient of rare, unconditional love and acceptance—critical factors in resiliency, which is one of the messages in Beyond the Precipice. Another message is investment in people’s lives and futures. A third is that lack of acceptance by key adults has catastrophic effects for youth, unless there is a compensating element, such as even one person who loves and supports them unconditionally, or gives them permission to be themselves.

My advantage is age, so I can experience life at different points throughout my lifespan, and I have not forgotten the thoughts I harboured as a youth. Writing is a process that never rests.

–Eva Blaskovic

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