Death. Blackmail. Guilt.

At the precipice lies certain doom–or his salvation, if he chooses wisely.

A story of grief, loss, discovery, and redemption.
The greatest enemy lies within.

In this book, human condition is the point.

What is the “precipice”?  |  About the Story


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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”  ~Victor Hugo.

Explore the psychology of grief, rejection, abuse, and hope in this suspense novel about a gifted musician who must make some difficult decisions now that he has entered adulthood.

I grieved for Bret as he experienced the struggles and challenges in his life.”

BEYOND THE PRECIPICE is a novel set in the Edmonton/University of Alberta area. It features Edmonton’s exotic winter climate–conditions few major cities in the world experience.

Interpretive Literary Fiction — Psychological Suspense
Character-Driven Reality Fiction

“I think the best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event, which is to say character-driven.” ~Stephen King

Where to buy the book

Dream Write Publishing
(Through the publisher*)

Audreys Books (Edmonton, Alberta)

The BOOKWORM (Sherwood Park, Alberta)
(new copies)

Barnes & Noble
e-book (Canada)
paperback  |  Kindle
The search window in Canada currently leads to the wrong book.
Please choose the correct book cover (the older version is not the same book)
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NOTICE: Are you buying from Amazon Canada? .CA does not show this book when searched. Please use THIS LINK to access the correct book (Linda J. Pedley, Dream Write Publishing, 2016).

If you purchased the wrong book, you can return it to for an exchange. The cello cover is not the same book as the book cover shown below.

“In the book world, your book will rate high Canadian!”–Linda J. Pedley



Published by Dream Write Publishing, Ltd. Artwork by Phobaphobia Productions.

What’s New? In its second printing, BEYOND THE PRECIPICE features additions, revisions, enhancements, and updates.

The book is redesigned inside and out and returned to Canadian English, as per the original manuscript. Click the drop-down menu under the BEYOND THE PRECIPICE tab to view the Time-Lapse Video: How the Book Cover Was Made, playlist, professional acclaim, reader response, and more.

*Publisher Linda J. Pedley of Dream Write Publishing was chosen as a Canada 150 Community Leader for the 150th anniversary of Confederation.


We don’t want to feel less when we have finished a book; we want to feel that new possibilities of being have been opened to us. We don’t want to close a book with a sense that life is totally unfair and that there is no light in the darkness; we want to feel that we have been given illumination.

–Madeleine L. Engle

New books to come

  • IRONCLAD — paranormal adventure novelette (October 2017)
  • DRUYAN — fantasy adventure novel (2018)




  1. Jan Hamilton says:

    Congratulations, Eva! can’t wait to read it. I’ve missed the characters and look forward to their ongoing journey. They live in my mind!
    Jan Hamilton

    Liked by 1 person

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