The 1,000-year Cycle draws to an end. Druyan must journey to Rosenthal Castle to free the Spirit of Nova.

Fantasy adventure novel 

Rather than focusing on the perils of present-day society, DRUYAN is a fantasy adventure that takes the reader into a different world and time. Eva Blaskovic uses few contractions to create speech that reflects the more formal days of old in contrast to the casual, modern-day language of her previous book. DRUYAN was Eva’s NaNoWriMo project in November 2014.

“Ever since I finished THE HOBBIT, I haven’t been able to find a book that can compare, and DRUYAN is definitely filling that hole.”

The Story

Book Cover Preview – Art by Phobaphobia Productions

In a village united with other villages of the Temperate Land through the power of the Nine Crystals, young Druyan undergoes Selection to determine the land’s next Freer. As the 1,000-year Cycle draws to Completion, the Prophecy states that a Freer must journey to the distant Rosenthal Castle to release the trapped spirit of Nova on the night of the final blood moon. Should the Freer successfully free the spirit before the summer solstice, the day of Completion, the land will be restored.

As the Temperate Land succumbs to decay and becomes increasingly difficult to travel, Druyan and his eight companions race against time to save the land and the people they love from the strengthening power of the Darkness. Druyan understands that his quest is fraught with danger, but he could never have imagined the price he would be required to pay.

The Prophecy

When Thousand-Year Cycle at Summer Solstice ends
The Spirit renews and the Temperate Land mends
If the Spirit is freed from the Rosenthal walls
Prosperity returns, men no evil befalls

A Freer, in time, the Nine Crystals must choose
The Stone of Life the new Freer shall use
A key to the Chamber in light of Blood Moon
Before the Completion, lest Darkness consume


Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse (Source: Dreamstime)

Phobaphobia Productions

DRUYAN will be available through Dream Write Publishing and online bookstores in the future.


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