The story of ambition, self-doubt, love, and family conflict continues
in this second and final novel.

GuitarPlayer-dreamstime_xs_29639415Bret Killeen, self-taught musician with absolute pitch and exceptional talent, is finally in the music program of his dreams. So why are the music profs displeased with him? Perhaps he’s not cut out for this after all. Or can a certain professor change everything in a mutually beneficial but risky performance, too far-out for any frosh student? Bret is in too deep before he realizes he cannot fail the one who believes in him, no matter what crises befall him. 

Themes of self-empowerment, socio-economic disparity,
romance, friendship, overcoming adversity.

GirlCello-dreamstime_xs_40118713“Music is the shorthand of emotion.”–Leo Tolstoy

ViolinPlayer-dreamstime_xs_55996800Nicole and Bret: Music brought them together. Now will it drive them apart?

Scott and Bret: Recent tragedies forge a new understanding. But is it enough?

Drake and Bret: Vindication? Reunification? Can they undo years of setup and manipulation and become brothers again?

Kern and Bret: Bret had finally cut his chains with Drake and Uncle Galan, yet he is still doing time in an imaginary prison, desperate not to disappoint.

Kyra: As Bret’s mother embraces her new-found freedom, she processes what happened in her life, and how it affected her sons and her.

And Still, the Darkness Comes – Aron Wright


A character-driven literary fiction, psychological suspense novel.
Companion/Sequel to BEYOND THE PRECIPICE.

Magnificent – U2

Set in Edmonton, the “Festival City of Canada,” St. Albert, and the University of Alberta.

The characters and events in this novel are fictional and created out of the imagination of the author. The setting is Edmonton, St. Albert, and Edmonton’s University of Alberta. Certain real locations, institutions, and organizations are mentioned, but the characters and events depicted are entirely fictional.

BEYOND THE MUSIC is in progress. BEYOND THE PRECIPICE is available in paperback and e-book formats.

About BEYOND THE PRECIPICE — the story

Author’s note

Edmonton, the capital city of the province of Alberta, is a force on the map of Canada. The personal impacts of these booming statistics feature in BEYOND THE MUSIC.

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