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Rowan, age 11, researched and wrote an article about Living Walls Edmonton during a writing session with Eva Blaskovic. Rowan’s parents thought the article was so good they posted “Living Walls” on their business site on June 19, 2015. Since then, Rowan has been a regular contributor to the blog.

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Book Author: The Book of Legends, Myths & Demons

MeghansBookCover2015Meghan Neufeld became a published author in 2015 at age 12 with The Book of Legends, Myths & Demons after completing a production process that involved writing, revision, editing, beta reading, cover art, author bio, back-of-book teaser, pre-publication proofing, and printing of the paperback book.

Book cover design by Bronwyn Neufeld, age 14.

Printing by Espresso Book Machine,
Stanley A. Milner Library, Edmonton, Alberta.
Approximately 5800 words.

When 16-year-old April is kidnapped and accused of hiding an important book series, she is thrown into a mythical world where legends become reality. Once her family is threatened, April races against time to save everything she knows and cares for, but she is impeded by many different obstacles and challenges.

Book Author: The Peanut Butter Tree

img_7447-2Young author Rowan, now age 12, continues to excel in writing stories with a voice and complexity beyond her years. The Peanut Butter Tree is her most recent work, which we bound into a book format in May 2016.

img_7450-2Written and illustrated by Rowan.
Approximately 2500 words.

A boy. A princess. A dragon. A warlock. The boy and the princess were going to be lonely for the rest of their lives but … they found what they weren’t looking for and who they really are. Watch out for hilarious laughter and craziness.

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