Eva was Interviewed

Women of a Certain Age (by Patty Wiseman, Texas, 2013)

Eva-FBAs I continue to read, write, and study strong independent women, past and present, I am continually amazed at the resiliency and strength that women of every age possess.

I polled women in different walks of life and found a common thread when asked the question…what do you like the most at your age today? –Patty Wiseman Read

Interview with Eva Blaskovic, Author (by Jess Steven Hughes, Washington, 2016)

AlgonquinGuitarIf readers see a part of themselves, or can relate the story to someone or something in their lives, then it becomes meaningful to them. I like to present personal or societal problems, but balance them with solutions, either direct or inferred, and temper them with hope. I want readers to feel something, some kind of empathy with the characters. –Eva Blaskovic


Author Interview (by Bart van Ouwerkerk, Amsterdam, 2016)

What turns a good story into a great one?
That’s the question all writers seek to answer, isn’t it? I believe it’s characters, depth (layers), and believability. Whatever world you’re in, whether realistic, fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or other, it has to feel natural. It must also be relatable, tie into the psychology of the human condition in a way that resonates with readers, and pose questions and dilemmas. When a writer encapsulates humanity by showcasing human desires, flaws, acts, interactions, and consequences, the story has the potential to be great and to endure over time. –Eva Blaskovic  Read

Author Q&A for Beyond the Precipice

  • authorphoto_img_0345-copy-2How did you come up with the title for your book?
  • What is the “precipice”?
  • Are you a musician? How important is music to your story?
  • What books or movies is Beyond the Precipice similar to?
  • Why do readers find your protagonist Bret a compelling character to care about?
  • What are you working on next?
  • And more