Day 19: Today’s Writing Song

Today’s writing inspiration song is Open Your Eyes by Alter Bridge, a work I feel has been significantly underrated. The One Day Remains album cover image is a view looking from under one bridge at another one. The music video, however, is quite different: gritty and dark with the message, “Will they open their eyes / And realize we are one.”

There are two ways to approach this song: listen with the video and without. With most songs, I’m in it for the sound, not the video, but some videos have merit (remember Breaking Benjamin Ashes of Eden?).

The Open Your Eyes video is one of few that shows the intricate guitar playing at 3:11 to 3:21 — WOW — for long enough to get a full appreciation for what’s involved in playing it. There are a few more seconds at 3:26 to 3:31.

At 2:35 there’s a unique closeup of a vibrating bass string. A small thing, but I find it powerful and artistic.

It is part of the voice segment that begins at 2:19 (the guitar strumming here is light and delicate) and crests to its full glory from 2:43 to 3:07. The guitar plays some interesting chords, and immediately we’re into the guitar and drum climax. For the voice section, you need to either close your eyes (yes, even as Alter Bridge is telling you to open them) or scroll away the video to let that voice fully sink into you.

OPEN YOUR EYES — Alter Bridge

People ask me where I get my (book) writing inspiration and ideas. Ideas are all around you (if you open your eyes), but music creates emotion, and emotion gives birth to conflict and motive. And those generate plot.

My stories come largely from music listening (though I can’t physically write to music). Thus was born the idea for the blog series Today’s Writing Song.

A special song is coming up tomorrow for Mother’s Day.

© 2017 Eva Blaskovic

About Eva Blaskovic

I am a multi-genre author of literary fiction, fantasy, and paranormal, and writer of non-fiction articles on parenting, writing, education, health, and travel. My background encompasses both the sciences and the arts. I teach at a specialized clinic for learning disorders and mentor young authors. In addition to writing and teaching, my passions are weather, Indian food, gardening, and music. I have played eight musical instruments and spent many years immersed in taekwondo and karate. In my youth, I was an avid canoeist. I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, grew up in the Great Lakes region of Ontario, Canada, and moved to Alberta in 1988, where I raised four children.
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