F is for Flower is an excerpt from Iain Kelly’s A to Z Challenge, a series of entries of a continuous crime-thriller story based around the objects found in a children’s jigsaw puzzle.

Iain Kelly Writing

Other entries in the challenge and a version of the complete story can be found here: A TO Z CHALLENGE 2017.


Iain Kelly

Gabi drove them to Frogner Park. They arrived at 11.30. The first buds of spring were showing, colours beginning to emerge among the green grass and leaves. Parking the squad car at the entrance they got out and walked hurriedly through the few tourists and city residents enjoying the brisk spring sunshine.

Earlier, in Pedersen’s office, Sand had tried to explain to his Captain what he thought was happening.

‘It’s something to do with Jules Eckberg,’ Sand explained.

‘Eckberg? Remind me,’ Pedersen asked.

‘A killer I put away twenty years ago. Mutilated and decapitated his boyfriend in Frogner Park. Claimed it was some sort of sacrifice to Satan. The jury convicted him of murder.’

‘I vaguely remember.’ Pedersen nodded.

‘Yesterday that dead cat you sent me to look at. It was killed and displayed in the same way that Eckberg left his boyfriend.’


‘I thought so but I checked…

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I am a multi-genre author of literary fiction, fantasy, and paranormal, and writer of non-fiction articles on parenting, writing, education, health, and travel. My background encompasses both the sciences and the arts. I teach at a specialized clinic for learning disorders and mentor young authors. In addition to writing and teaching, my passions are weather, Indian food, gardening, and music. I have played eight musical instruments and spent many years immersed in taekwondo and karate. In my youth, I was an avid canoeist. I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, grew up in the Great Lakes region of Ontario, Canada, and moved to Alberta in 1988, where I raised four children.
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