Authors for Indies Event: Here We Are at the Sherwood Park BOOKWORM

How did we do on Saturday? Here are some pictures.

Some of the authors at the Authors for Indies Event, Sherwood Park BOOKWORM on April 29, 2017. L->R: Mandy Eve-Barnett, Marty Chan, Eva Blaskovic, Mandy Eve-Barnett

Canadian Authors for Indies Day took place on Saturday, April 29, 2017 across the country, with independent bookstores and authors taking part in many provinces and territories.

Authors for Indies. Support local authors and bookstores.

To view the participating bookstores and author schedules in Alberta, click here. For other provinces and territories, select from the drop-down menu under the FIND A STORE tab.

At the Sherwood Park BOOKWORM, scheduled readings were by the following authors:

The BOOKWORM is a lovely independent bookstore with character, locally owned and operated in Sherwood Park, Alberta, by Leanne Weisgerber. I highly recommend it if you live in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, or surrounding areas. Leanne sells gently used books that she washes before shelving. She carries many complete sets, popular books, and genres for all ages, including mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, romance, YA, literary fiction, non-fiction, and much more. There are Harry Potter, Star Trek, The Giver, The Cay, The Golden Compass, Titanic, and many quality YA books for book reports. The store is popular with seniors as well as families with children.

THE Sherwood Park BOOKWORM
62 Athabascan Ave.
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 4E3

Teachers and students: need books? The Sherwood Park BOOKWORM

The Bookworm has been in Sherwood Park for 30 years, although Leanne, a mother of three children, has taken ownership more recently. She has redesigned the store–see the picture below. I have a bookworm daughter (she houses 1,100 books in her small apartment) whose eyes bugged out when she saw the beauty of all those shelves of books.

Leanne’s clean, gently used books are perfect for readers, schools, teachers, and libraries on a budget.

Mandy Eve-Barnett at the Bookworm

Mandy Eve-Barnett, an author with four books for adults, YA, and children published by Dream Write Publishing with another five manuscripts in progress, is also Secretary of the WFSC (Writers Foundation of Strathcona County) and President of the ACCSC (Arts & Culture Council of Strathcona County). Mandy co-wrote Your Lifetime of Stories and contributed to Writing Prompt Journey and A Rewording Life.

I belong to the WFSC (Writers Foundation of Strathcona County) organization, which hosts many of our events. Events I attend are detailed on my EVENTS PAGE. In less than three weeks’ time, I will be at the Strawberry Creek Writers’ Retreat hosted by Linda J. Pedley. (Can’t wait!) Linda is one of the original founders of WFSC, owner of Dream Write Publishing company, and a Canada 150 Community Leader for the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

For Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1, WFSC is accepting submissions from members for the Canada 150 Book Project. (Membership $20/year.) If you are a member, visit the site for entry forms if you have Canadian content to submit. My travel article has already been accepted and will be published when the book is released.

At the May writers’ retreat, I will be preparing DRUYAN (fantasy adventure) and IRONCLAD (supernatural adventure) for release on September 30 at Words in the Park, a large yearly event that takes place in conjunction with Alberta Culture Days.

Thanks to Leanne Weisgerber of the Bookworm, Mandy Eve-Barnett, participating bookstores, and Authors for Indies for this year’s Authors for Indies event.


Twitter @Authors4indies

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About Eva Blaskovic

I am a multi-genre author of literary fiction, fantasy, and paranormal, and writer of non-fiction articles on parenting, writing, education, health, and travel. My background encompasses both the sciences and the arts. I teach at a specialized clinic for learning disorders and mentor young authors. In addition to writing and teaching, my passions are weather, Indian food, gardening, and music. I have played eight musical instruments and spent many years immersed in taekwondo and karate. In my youth, I was an avid canoeist. I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, grew up in the Great Lakes region of Ontario, Canada, and moved to Alberta in 1988, where I raised four children.
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6 Responses to Authors for Indies Event: Here We Are at the Sherwood Park BOOKWORM

  1. Great post Eva and a great day. Member of WFSC to contribute to the Canada 150 book – only $20 per year so well worth it!!

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  2. Reblogged this on Mandy Eve-Barnett's Official Blog and commented:
    My fellow author has posted a great article on Saturday’s Authors for Indies event – see here.
    My post is scheduled for later this morning.

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