V is for Verisimilitude | #AtoZChallenge

Verisimilitude is the “use of certain lifelike details to give the semblance of reality.”

(Source: Verisimilitude, Components of Literature, Weber State University, weber.edu.)

Personally, I think of it as “very similar to.” It helps me spell the word, too!  (y changes to i when adding many endings.)

Hobbit hole. Credit: giphy.com

In a literary work, verisimilitude ensures that even a fantasy world and its elements are rooted in reality. Events need to be plausible enough to be considered credible by readers so that they can relate them to their real life experiences.

Origin of verisimilitude

According to mimesis, a Platonic and Aristotelian dramatic theory, a work should convince the audience “by imitating and representing nature and having basis in reality.” The playwright draws themes from sources well known to common people, giving the work a sense of realism with which they can identify. A literary work leaves a lasting impression on readers (or viewers) if the theme is presented in a way that is relatable to real life.


  • political satires (Gulliver’s Travels; see Example #1)
  • poetry (imagery of fantastic ideas related to real things through analogies; see Example #3)

(Source: Verisimilitude, Literary Devices, literarydevices.net.)

Lord of the Rings. Credit: giphy.com

Other V terms

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W is for Writing Wit

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