Well, This Isn’t Exactly Seasonal Either

It was only last week I was posting about our brutal temperatures of -30°C/-22°F across Alberta with wind chills into the -38 to -45°C (-36 to -49°F) range.

Last week

On February 7, Edmontonians persevered through a temperature of -28°C/-18°F with a wind chill of -38°C/-36°F.

Red Deer, a city about an hour and a half south and situated in a valley, saw -35°C/-31°F with a wind chill of -45°C/-49°F.


Courtesy: Apple Weather App

This week

February 14

Edmonton enjoyed a balmy +10°C/50°F, mostly in the sun. Valentine’s Day was hot!

The record for this day was +10.6°C/51.08°F set in 1907. We missed breaking the 110-year record by 0.3 degrees, according to the historical weather for this day on The Weather Network. Our temperature in Edmonton topped out at +10.3C/50.54°F.


Courtesy: Weather Office App

February 15 — a record breaker!

Before the sun even came out from behind the clouds, close to 2:00 p.m., we saw 14°C/57°F!

We broke the record for this day, reaching 16.4°C/61.5°F.

After just missing a new record on Valentine’s Day, Edmonton unofficially broke a record on Feb. 15 that stood for more than a century. The city reached 16.4 C Wednesday afternoon, topping the previous mark of 13.9 C set in 1916.” ~Global News, Edmonton
Spring-like February 15 a record-setter in Alberta

The seasonal average is around -3 to -4°C (24 to 26°F), though most Februaries can be much colder.


Courtesy: Weather Office App

In a word: Alberta!


February 13, 2017 sunset in Edmonton, Alberta. Photo by Michael Hodgins.

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5 Responses to Well, This Isn’t Exactly Seasonal Either

  1. danawayne423 says:

    Yesterday, the high here was 49, today it will be 75…Sunday it was 80! Welcome to East Texas!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Similarly jumpy temperatures. It always amazes me when places in the US go from freezing to 70s or 80s within a day or a few. Winter to summer instantly. Such a difference.


    • Dana, today we got to 61.5°F, which broke a record that held for over a century. I added the details above, along with a link to our local news.

      For us, a temperature like this is crazy at this time of year. What a beautiful day it was!


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