Interview with Patty Wiseman, Author

I am excited to have Patty Wiseman as my guest today. Thank you, Patty, for joining me on my website.

Patty-smallPatty, can you tell us about yourself and your background? What do you currently do outside of writing?

I am retired from a 25-year career as an administrative assistant for a financial advisor. I actually retired in order to pursue my dream of writing. Writing has opened up new worlds for me. I am writing a screenplay and learning to be a voice actress. I am narrating my own books. I picked up an old hobby… making lampshades and learning to make jewelry.  I also like to bowl.  I spend a lot of time reading, as well.

What books have you written, and what are their genres? What audience are they aimed at?

The Velvet Shoe Collection, comprised of An Unlikely Arrangement, An Unlikely Beginning, and An Unlikely Conclusion, are classified as historical fiction, but I like to emphasize the mystery in them. They fall under romantic suspense.

The target? Anyone who loves mystery, history, a touch of romance.


I recently also released Success Your Way—Make a Wish, Then Make a Plan, a self-motivational book.

What prompted you to write the books you did? What message(s) do you want readers to take away?

I am fascinated with history, especially that of my own family. I had a very colorful grandmother, and her stories intrigued me as a child. She lived in the exciting era of the “Roaring Twenties,” a time when women were taking charge of their own lives. She had dreams and aspirations and was determined to achieve them, regardless of the consequences. I admired her tenacity.

Even though I heard these stories as a child, I felt the need to write about them. I have no end of great material because of the way I grew up.

The message I want readers to take away is to take those challenges presented to you, conquer the self-doubt and fear of failure, and change your life for the better.

Do you write short stories, articles, or have a blog? Where can we find them?

I won 1st place in a short story contest for Angie’s Diary: A Summer Tale. I have written several short stories and write a blog. My short stories can be found on Angie’s Diary.

The link to my blog is here.


What do you find the hardest about writing? The easiest?

The hardest thing about writing for me is the continuity. I want to make sure my story flows well, that the time line is correct. In a novel, I often have to go back to make sure I didn’t leave any gaps.

The easiest thing? Is there an easy thing about writing? I suppose the original idea is the easiest thing to come up with. You can roll it around in your head, but getting it down on paper is totally another matter.


What’s next for you after An Unlikely Conclusion?

Book Four of the series will be out this month, July 2016. An Unlikely Deception. This book takes off on some of the secondary characters from the first three books.

Unlikely Deception Front Cover MockupI am working on a contemporary romance. This is my first attempt at contemporary. I find it very different!

I’m also writing a children’s book. Another first attempt! This story is based on something that happened with some baby foxes on our property. Mostly I’m writing it for my grandchildren, but we will see how it goes. It’s VERY different than writing a novel!

And of course, I’m working on Book Five of my series that will be about the mobster moll featured in the first four books. I’m real excited about that one!

What special thing about yourself would you like to share with readers?

Special? I don’t know if you could call it special, but I enjoy helping and supporting other authors. I feel like we all need each other to navigate around the pitfalls in this publishing world. I love animals, and I like to travel.

Do you have anything else you would like to include?

I hope everyone will interact with me on my website and social media.  I love talking to those interested in my writing.

How else can we follow or contact you?

You can sign up on my website

My Fan Page on Facebook — InstagramTwitter —  YouTube.

I also have a page on Texas Association of Authors.

Where can readers buy your books?

Book1_An Unlikely Arrangement  Book2_An Unlikely Beginning  Book3_An Unlikely Conclusion  Book4_Success Cover

Amazon. And, of course, you can purchase them directly from my website.

Patty’s Awards

An Unlikely Arrangement: 2nd place in Forward National Literature Award
An Unlikely Beginning: 1st place Texas Association of Authors/Romance 2013
An Unlikely Conclusion: 1st place Texas Association of Authors/Romance 2014
The Authors Show: 2013 Winner for Fifty Great Writers You Should Be Reading

2nd place awardRomance Award 2013  Romance Award 2014  2013 Author Show - 50 Great Writers

Patty is also recently featured on Dave Mayall’s “Authors from Around the World” in Authors Spotlight: Patty Wiseman

and on Venture Galleries Blog for Readers and Writers in Author Archives: Patty Wiseman.

February 14, 2017
Venture Galleries has chosen An Unlikely Arrangement, the first book in Patty Wiseman’s series, to feature for Valentine’s Day!

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