Losing Your Mind? Your Memory Loss May Not Be Age

Don’t blame it on age. You could be losing your memory because too much is going on at once.

Multi-tasking, interruptions, and a crazy life–especially chronically crazy–robs you of the chance to process information and move it into long-term storage (this is compounded by lack of sleep). You must be attentive, present, and have adequate time to deal with each item you intend to keep as it passes through short-term memory. Periods of intense stress or tragedy can also create gaps in memory.

We often attribute memory loss or being “scattered” to age, especially since this phenomenon typically plagues adults, but it has more to do with what is going on in our lives. Children are increasingly at risk as they tune in to electronics and texting while receiving information from teachers, parents, or others.

Overworked, overwhelmed, and sleep deprived people–often superwoman moms, business owners with hectic schedules, people working multiple jobs, people going through crises, and students with heavy course loads (especially on top of other obligations)–often exhibit memory and concentration problems.

“Attention is one of the major components of memory. In order for information to move from short-term memory into long-term memory, you need to actively attend to this information.” – Top 10 Memory Improvement Tips by Kendra Cherry

Kendra’s article focuses on studying, but there are wider applications.

The good news is that memory problems caused by lifestyle factors can often be reversed after a period of rest and a return to normalcy, or by a conscious focus on implementing changes that allow for balance, including self time or meditation, recreation, physical activity, nutrition, and adequate sleep.

You may also be interested in What Is Memory? An Overview of Memory and How it Works, also by Kendra Cherry.

About Eva Blaskovic

I am a multi-genre author of literary fiction, fantasy, and paranormal, and writer of non-fiction articles on parenting, writing, education, health, and travel. My background encompasses both the sciences and the arts. I teach at a specialized clinic for learning disorders and mentor young authors. In addition to writing and teaching, my passions are weather, Indian food, gardening, and music. I have played eight musical instruments and spent many years immersed in taekwondo and karate. In my youth, I was an avid canoeist. I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, grew up in the Great Lakes region of Ontario, Canada, and moved to Alberta in 1988, where I raised four children.
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